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So impressed with the fish.
Had wonderful hake last week, Sole tonight, Gorgeous! Would recommend it to everyone!

Sheree Cavanagh

King Scallops

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Freshly cut, plump king scallops from Newlyn boats. We cut our own scallops. They are cut, washed and sent to you! Cook them in a pan with a little butter. Just lay them out one at a time in a circle in the pan, in the shape of a clock. Once you get back to the top its time to turn them over. We leave the coral (Roe’s) on our scallops because its the best bit !! if you don’t like it , just pull them off.

Our scallops are a bi-catch of our boats and do not come from scallop dredgers.

We can present your scallops fully cut or still in a half shell.


From £1.40