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So impressed with the fish.
Had wonderful hake last week, Sole tonight, Gorgeous! Would recommend it to everyone!

Sheree Cavanagh

Fresh hand picked Newlyn Crabmeat and whole cooked crabs.

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Proper Cornish Crab! Pure white meat from the crabs claws. Caught off Cornwall and hand picked in Newlyn!

We also sell brown crabmeat, dressed crabs , 50/50  pots (half and half)  and whole cooked crabs.

Our crab is fresh (not pasteurized) so nothing added, a natural product and is also perfect for freezing.

White, Brown and 50/50 Crab meat come in sealed containers. Choose from 125g, 250g, or 454g.

Dressed crabs come in the shell and are a mixture of white and brown meat (100g white and 60g brown meat).

Whole crabs are cooked to order, you can chooses from a large cock crab (approximately 1- 1.5kgs) or a hen crab (approximately 800g-1kg)


From £6.50