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So impressed with the fish.
Had wonderful hake last week, Sole tonight, Gorgeous! Would recommend it to everyone!

Sheree Cavanagh


How will my fish be delivered.

We offer a 1 hour time slot on our next day delivery service. We use DPD couriers. Once we have dispatched your box, DPD will contact you  directly (as long as you’ve given us your mobile number and email address) with a one hour time slot for delivery. You can track your order from that message and even see where your box is. If you’re not at home, they’ll leave it somewhere safe. Dont worry – its well packed and will stay perfectly fresh in the box until you get home.

I’ve received a fish box club box and I don’t know what’s in it.

There are photos of all of our fish on our website. Flat fish will normally be lemon soles, megrim soles or plaice. Small red fish could be red mullet and spikey green ones are John dory. White fish fillets vary depending on the season but Silver skin is Hake, Bluey color with a black line down the back is Haddock. Brown grey thick fillets are Pollack, Cod is Yellow. Most of you know Mackerel and Skate. Sometimes we add others and if you’re not sure, take a photo with your phone and email it to [email protected] with the title “identify me” and we will ring you back.

If I order today, when will my fish be delivered?

We buy to order fresh from the market for you, then prepare it and package as necessary. Once you place an order we then go to Newlyn Market to buy the fish to fulfil your order.  Markets run Monday to Friday  and once we are able to purchase the fish for your order we can then process it and get your box out to you.  Depending on the contents of your order and market availability this will determine how quickly we can get your box out to you. We aim to process your order within a few days of receiving it.
Certain fish are dependent on tides. Hake for instance is only caught on a “neap” tide. So, if we are in the middle of a “spring” tide there may be a delay while we wait for the hake boats to return.
Bad weather can also delay your order. We will, wherever possible, contact you if your order is delayed.

I’d like to sign up for the fish box club, how do I go about it?

There is no subscription needed for this box, all you need to do is order the fish box club box when you would like it.  This box is a catch of the day selection –  fresh from the Newlyn Market the day we send your box for next day delivery.

Can I get anything that’s not on your website?

Yes, just give us a call (01736 360779) and I will advise. We can take orders and card payments over the phone.

Will my fish be vacuum packed and labelled?

No. we try to use as little packaging as possible for 2 reasons. Firstly, to cut down on plastic use and secondly to keep the cost down. You will notice that our competitors’ prices are significantly higher than ours. This is because of the time and costs of excessive packaging. We believe that fresh fish does not benefit from being vac packed! Your fish will be placed lose inside an insulated container with an ice pack. You can then portion it and store as you feel fit. (Remember – our fish has come straight off the market. The shelf life of our fish is significantly longer.)

Do I need to be in to receive my fish?

No, the package is sent with strict instructions to leave in a safe place if you are not in. The courier will not take it back to the depot of you are not it.

How is my fresh fish packaged?

We place your fish inside an insulated box with an ice pack which is then sealed and strapped .We put that box into a waterproof mail bag  and seal it and then into a cardboard box which is then sealed and strapped. This keeps the fish fresh for up to 48 hours.

Will my fish be filleted, skinned, boned etc.?

We will do whatever you ask us to. There is a comments box at the checkout, simply add your request there. Obviously if you are ordering fillet, then it will have been filleted for you.  Fillets will contain bones at the thicker end.  We can v-cut the bones out of the fillet on your request as well as removing the scales for you.

Are your scallops caught by a scallop dredger?

No. our scallops are a bi-catch of our fishing vessels. They are caught whilst fishing for Megrims, Plaice, Lemon soles etc.

Is your fish organic?

Our fish is wild and caught from the sea (except bass and Salmon) Whilst the term “organic” is issued by the soil society and does not apply to fresh fish, there’s nothing added or taken away !!

Is your fish sustainable?

We do not buy from factory ships who claim to have “line caught fish” when that line is miles long and catches huge quantities of fish to satisfy the bulk fish industry. We buy our fish from the fisherman of Newlyn, Cornwall. That is why we can show the “Product of Cornwall” logo and we are regularly inspected by trading standards to check that what we sell is fresh and Cornish (and fish)!!
Most of the boats in Newlyn are small, one- or two-man outfits, fishing and landing daily from the coves and ports around Cornwall. Our hake boats are registered MSC and fish in the waters between north Cornwall and Southern Ireland.

I have another question.

Please feel free to phone the office weekday mornings, 8 a.m to 1 p.m,   with your questions or we can take your order over the phone for you.

When I phone, will I speak to “Craig”?

Yes! It’s me and my family. Unlike other “Cornish” fishmongers. It is me who will process your order, I will buy your fish, I (or Rodney) will fillet your fish, make up your box and If you’re local, I’ll even deliver it!

How long have you been a fishmonger?

I have been working in the family business for 30 years and it was my father’s business before. My grandfather and great grandfather were Newlyn fisherman.

I am coming to Cornwall on my holidays, can we buy fish directly from you?

Yes! we have a little shop, blue fronted with the orange fish logo,  situated right opposite the fish market in Newlyn where my sister will be happy to help you. And we can package a box up for you to take home too if you like. We will also deliver to your holiday pitch or holiday home.  All local deliveries are free, when ordering online be sure to select the Locals tab !