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So impressed with the fish.
Had wonderful hake last week, Sole tonight, Gorgeous! Would recommend it to everyone!

Sheree Cavanagh


dive caught scallops

We’re now selling diver caught scallops !

Posted: Jul 24, 2021

dive caught scallops

Wild dive caught scallops from Falmouth bay Cornwall.

Tom and his crew from the “Forager” have joined us at Fresh Cornish Fish to provide diver caught scallops from Falmouth Bay Cornwall.

scallop boat

Dive caught scallops from Cornwall

Order now and they will head out into Falmouth bay and hand dive these scallops for you, we will clean them and present them either in half shells or completely cut.

Diving for scallops is the most sustainable method of fishing there is and you will be supporting the Cornish fishing industry.

Diving for scallops

Our divers in Falmouth Bay fishing for Dive caught scallops

scallop shell

Diver caught scallops from Cornwall